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Who we are

Innovative Engineering is a young engineering company founded by two engineers who both have many years of experience in machine and product development, working for innovative companies in the Netherlands and abroad. From our experience we have learned that the secret of developing technology is learning from the past, you do not want to be in a position of re-inventing the wheel, which will only increase your time-to-market.

In addition to our experience at these companies, we have grown up in a world with rapid technological change this has led to a core belief in the positive role technology plays in our society. Therefore, we want to be in service of technology based companies and provide a helping hand in whichever way is necessary.

When you want to bring a new product into the market, you want to be sure that a high quality product is delivered and more importantly that product needs to be safe as well. Of course, you are taking these aspects already into account. Nevertheless this takes time. If time or capacity is an issue, Innovative Engineering can provide you a helping hand for product development, prototyping and/or testing services no matter in which state nor how big or small your project is. For specifics please contact us.

ing. Wais Abawi
ing. Wais AbawiCo-Founder
ing. Faris Saad
ing. Faris SaadCo-Founder

What we do

Project Management

Project management is essential for a successful result. Innovative Engineering can provide you the tools and knowledge to stay on track in your development cycle as wel as keeping track of your costs. Based on your company’s culture there are various tools available, upon agreement the right tool and method will be selected.

Product Development

Innovative Engineering can assist you in product development. This entiles design of full products but also on component level we can provide you high quality results that meet your requirements. In addition, we can help you translate your idea into a manufacturable product.


One of the earliest steps in product development is prototyping. Prototypes can be used to test or prove a concept or process and are extremely useful to learn from. Not only can we support you on your design prototypes, we are comfortable in electrical prototyping as well.

Test Services

We offer complete test solutions in all sorts. Not only can we supply custom designed equipment, we can also provide a “carefree” solution based on a list of requirements that is composed beforehand. 


How can I get in contact with you? 2018-05-24T22:17:02+00:00

Please use the contact form in the “Contact us” area of this website

What sort of test equipment do you guys have experience with? 2018-06-13T21:34:48+00:00

All sorts basically. Here is a short overview:


  • Hydraulic burst pressure testing setups
  • Hydraulic (life) cycle testing setups
  • Hydraulic proofing testing setups


  • Sample tensile / tear testing setups
  • Mechanical cycle testing setups
How long does Innovative Engineering exist? 2018-05-13T19:21:25+00:00

Innovative Engineering was founded in November 2015

Is Innovative Engineering registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK)? 2018-05-24T22:18:10+00:00

Yes we are! you can find the details in the “Contact us” area of this website

How long does it take to develop test equipment? 2018-05-13T19:52:53+00:00

That really depends on the complexity of setup. We talk about days on simple equipment, and months on the more complex setups.

Easiest way to find out is to contact us. We can then give you an accurate estimation on development time.

Are you only focussed on test equipment? 2018-05-13T19:58:22+00:00

Basically yes, bus as we did many other projects in the past, we have all the knowledge to design, build and test all kinds of machinery / products. You can contact us any time to see if we can mean something for you.

Do you guys have experience with electrical circuit boards? 2018-06-13T21:46:46+00:00

Yes we do! We designed, prototyped and fabricated many different electical circuit boards or PCB’s. For prototyping and fabrication we use one of our partners as the machinery to do this is super costly.

Contact us

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) no.: 64590364

Tax (BTW) no.: NL855733688B01

Bank no.: NL09 ABNA 0456 3227 36